It’s deeply disturbing and so sad that the news and social media, has become a cesspool of negativity awash in fabricated and instigated drama.
The most upsetting thing to me is while all of this is going on, tucked away in a valley in the Magaliesberg in South Africa, a small family is taking care of 400 orphans in a sustainable village called Botshabelo.
While disgusting and vile internet trolls waste the world’s time on worthless, false and unimportant nonsense, Marion and Con Cloete and their daughters Nicole and Leigh are doing the most incredible work for the orphans in their care, twenty-four hours a day.
On one of my visits to the village, I made this little documentary.
The pictures say more than any words I can find to describe Marion and the work she, and her family quietly, does while the world paddles around in sinking boats through the negative slough that is slowly seeping into our souls.
Someone asked me the other day what inspires me and gives me hope for the future. Without hesitation I told them that my Botshabelo family does.
In particular, Marion’s philosophy and the daily therapy that forms an amazing mantle of light draped around these kids to educate and comfort them. The family’s important and mostly unseen work is highlighted in this little video.
Join me as I visit the real Angels in the Dust here:

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